What is the B:Hive, exactly?
It’s a coworking space.

What the heck is coworking?
Great question. Coworking is when people work together in a shared space.

What are the membership options/costs?
Another great one. Click here.

What are your hours, for members?

What are your hours, for daily membership?
9am to 2pm, Monday – Thursday

How do members access the space?
With a security device called a key fob that not coincidentally fits on their key chain.

Is the B:Hive safe?
Yes, we put the safety of our members above all else. For the most part, B:Hive access is only available with a member key fob or when the door is unlocked by an employee. And we have security cameras monitoring the space 24/7.

How many bathrooms are there?
Just the one, and it is unisex.

What’s the deal with parking?
There are lots of options for parking in and around the B:Hive. There is metered street parking from 8am – 5pm, with a 2-hour max (no quarters needed after 5). There is an inexpensive garage across the street, and many others nearby.

What about those “phone booths?” How long can I squat in one of those beauties?
2 hours max, per day

How do I reserve the conference room?
If you are a member we have software to help with scheduling, you can book online here.
If you are not a member please submit a reservation request here.

What if I can’t access the WIFI?
Ask or call. We’ll help you sort it out.

How does the mail work, for members?
People send it, we collect it for you.