Who should apply?

If your goal is to create something remarkable, start a new business or make an impactful difference in the community, and the idea of sharing a workspace with a group of other energetic and creative people gets your juices flowing, you should probably stop whatever you’re doing and apply right now.

What happens next?

Submissions will be co-reviewed by a group comprised of the B:Hive Partners (us), our current Members, and our Management Consultant (aka “Queen Bee”), based on the selection criteria outlined below (100pts). We’re looking for talented, driven, social people who take joy in their work. Of course, be truthful, but please have fun with your responses, and let your personality shine through! The four new Members will be welcomed to the B:Hive and granted Annual Membership good from April 7, 2014 to April 7, 2015.

  • The Basics

  • Goals and Objectives // 40 points

    With B:Hive key fob in hand, what are you looking to achieve over the next year or two (or twenty)?
  • PERSONAL BENEFIT // 20 points

    Explain how your B:Hive Membership will help you succeed with your efforts? Let us know a little about your expectations of a shared coworking space.
  • Community BENEFIT // 20 points

    Community is key. Whether it’s with something large or small, serious or fun, near or far, we’d love to know how you’re involved or plan to get involved in your own community or our Downtown Bridgeport community.
  • Life Story // 20 points

    Don’t stress. Just give us a couple choice paragraphs about yourself.
  • Wild Card// 10 points

    That’s right, we’re giving you a shot at some extra credit. No rules here, but leave blank at your own risk!