#1 Be Cool
This sorta goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. All members and guests must be courteous and respectful. This is a shared space and we expect everyone to BE COOL to everyone else. Violation of this rule can result in suspension of membership or total banishment. If you need more clarity about what we mean then we suggest you work elsewhere.

#2 Be Smart
It is assumed all members will make choices that reflect intelligent decisions relative to our business, and your space. For example, there is no smoking or wrestling; no shouting or vandalism allowed. If you have to ask yourself whether something is a smart choice, the answer is likely rhetorical. Pack your bags and call it a day.

#3 Your Mom
Put simply, your mom—though welcome to join the B:Hive—is not going to clean up after you. We expect all members to leave the space as they found it. We’ll cover the basics, like trash, toilet paper and all that stuff. YOU are responsible for doing your dishes, for tossing out food from the fridge, and for strutting a modicum of domestic skills when necessary.

#4 Feedback
We want it. Good or bad. In English or another language. Give us your input on how to improve the space, as well as the overall member experience, etc. This is your chance to anonymously gripe about a leering coworker, request a special snack for the kitchen, or recommend a product for sale in the store. Have at it.