Ashley Keller
Little Black Business Book

Full Scale Event Planning For Non-Profits & Corporations.

Let us make your organization’s event planning a CINCH!

B:Hive Member Since 2013

Tell us about your business?
Little Black Business Book is an integrated events company—we provide full-scale event planning services for Non-Profits and Corporations throughout Fairfield, New Haven, and Litchfield Counties.

Projects usually last 6-9 months, though some companies keep us on an annual retainer to help plan, manage and execute multiple yearly events. We often compliment internal teams and consult on everything from the concepts, venues, speakers, performers, and caterers, to invitations, messaging, marketing, and sponsors—we take pride in making sure to deliver on the expectations of sponsors and partners. Something that often gets overlooked by other companies.

We also staff and run the events ourselves, which allows for complete control, and ideally affords the client a chance to come to their own event and enjoy themselves. Imagine that?

Where did the name come from?
You know, from the little black book, the one with with all your private contacts, personal and professional. We wanted a name with personality, one that emphasized how the right contacts and connections really make an event come together.

How did you end up in Bridgeport?
I went to Johnson & Wales and worked in non-profit radio for a decade afterwards. My husband and I wanted a change—his family is from Trumbull. So we moved from Providence to Black Rock.

How has coworking at B:Hive helped your business?
Where to begin. After I took my tour of the space 5 years ago, I applied for a business credit card and signed up for the year, which was my way of committing myself to the task at hand; of getting out of the house, and getting serious. I didn’t even have any clients, but I had membership to this fabulous coworking space and a dream.

Because of the foot traffic and the many businesses that come in and out of the B:Hive, I quickly connected with a remarkable opportunity to develop and manage a Masquerade Ball for the Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust, an event we’ve done together each year since 2013.

There are countless other examples of how coworking at the B:Hive—in the hustle and bustle of downtown Bridgeport—has helped grow my business. I also just feel lucky to be around so many like-minded people.

What else works about coworking here?
There is an undercurrent of entrepreneurship and a collaborative spirit amongst all the members. We’re like a family. Speaking of family, I can’t say enough about how the nature of coworking has allowed me a level of flexibility in terms of hours and costs that has resulted in a remarkable work/life balance for me, my 2 year old daughter, and my husband. This place has been great for all of us.

What’s next?
Well, I just renewed my annual membership for the 5th year in a row, and added a monthly pass for my first staffer. That’s pretty big news. Our plan is to continue our tradition of executing events at the highest level, to grow our client base, increase earnings, and have a little fun along the way.

Learn more about Little Black Business Book and see how Ashley can help you knock your next Non-Profit or Corporate event out of the park.