We're in this together. All of us.

  • Community

    Our focus is on building spaces that support community. We’re dedicated to bringing people together, in person, to facilitate authentic relationships and professional growth that ensures we can all be more successful in the long run. Money is one currency we hold in high regard, but here we honor humans beings and our shared sense of place above all else.

  • Unique Spaces

    There are lots of places to work these days: offices, homes, coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, trains, planes, hotels, on and on. We are not any of those places. Our spaces offer members a conscious choice to be part of something that is shared, and designed to support the thing you do when you’re here—whatever that is.

  • Design

    Our spaces are designed to be unique, physically and attitudinally. Much like yourself. They are meant to evoke moxie and irreverence, grit and determination, passion and ideas, all at the same time. In short, you might find yourself surfing blazing fast internet in a chair shaped like a mushroom while following the Mid-century lines of your coworker’s desk to an alluring ficus plant that is home to several plastic dinosaurs. As one example.

  • Culture

    Everyone is welcome! The culture of our space is a living, breathing thing. It’s a Universe unto itself, impacted by every particle, star, and planet that is floating around. Also, like the deep space, there is no gravity, nor anything weighing you down here. Get it? Find your cultural cosmonauts and fire up the thrusters.

  • Perks

    The list of B:Hive perks is lengthy and designed to make your coworking experience less work. That way you can focus on what matters. So grab a cup of complimentary coffee, find a seat, maybe a pair of house headphones; or pick a standing spot and bounce a few ideas off a fellow coworker. Then print and bind color copies of your pitch, walk the 2 blocks to Bridgeport’s Metro North Station, ride the express train to New York City, land some new clients, and make it back in time for Tuesday’s weekly happy hour, upstairs in the Member Lounge. Cheers!

Coworking has afforded me a wonderful opportunity to share an office with lots of other motivated entrepreneurs. We obviously all benefit from the shared expenses and the use of a space that is great for working, meeting and events, but what we really share is the spirit of this place...
Daniel Trust
Owner of Daniel Trust Foundation
Member Since 2014
Covid-19 Update 😷

Because of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, our in-person services are closed until further notice.